Orense 34 - Auditorium Anteroom

166 m²

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The Auditorium has a magnificent 166m² Anteroom, a perfect space for both networking and catering services. It has a built-in bar and an adjoining office with direct access. The equipment is complemented by two 98" customisable dislplays for corporate image, video, etc. It also has a Speakers' Room with direct access to the auditorium stage. It is an ideal space for speakers to rest and prepare their presentations. In addition, this room has a 55" monitor that allows you to follow the event in real time.


  • Cocktail Party: 183 pax.
  • Banquet: 48 pax.


  • 2 SAMSUNG Screens 98" with resolution: UHD 2160x3840, customisable with corporate image, video, etc.

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